Your app works on iPhone, iPad, HTML5
& Android

main features

Update apps instantly using our client panel. No more dealing with developers!

Directly market to customers through in-app push messages

Create a social media buzz with our “Tell A Friend” feature

Give customers GPS directions from anywhere

Keep customers informed with business news and deals

Allow customers to directly contact your business quickly and easily

Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers

Wow your customers, market your business and make a mobile presence


An HTML5 app is a web based app that we provide to our clients in an effort to reach those non iPhone or Android users (Blackberry, Windows, etc)

HTML5 Apps are viewable on any smart phone device!

However one draw back to them is they cannot access your device's native functionality such as the camera, GPS directions, voice recording etc.

HTML5 App Sample

HTML5 App Sample

App Tab

An app tab is a link at the bottom of your mobile application that brings the user into different pages. Each of these tabs has their own unique function. For example, our Event tab lets you showcase all of your businesses events and our Home tab helps brand your mobile application with a custom image background, direct call, GPS directions, and a “Tell A Friend” function.

App Tab Sample

coupon system

is a way for businesses to reward frequent customers with incentives for repeat business. It works by reading the mobile phone’s GPS coordinates and then checks to see if they are at the same coordinates as your businesses location! When they accumulate enough check-ins they get their check-in incentive (i.e. free drinks, food, discount, etc!).

coupon setting

coupon setting